Abiya A Fabric recognized as one of the premiere textile export and manufacturing company in karur since 2002, we have re-defined the standard of quality and creativity in home furnishing.Our products are of the finest quality in elegant designs, which adorn homes across the country.  The company reputation has crossed the oceans and established a niche for itself with its highly skilled workforce and sticking to time schedule. Abiya A Fabric has come to be known as one among the best Manufactures, Suppliers and Exporters of home furnishing textile to wholesalers as well as to leading chain stores in European, Japanese, South African and American markets.

With its sweeping range of home textiles, Abiya A Fabric has set enviable standards and competes with itself to reach the zenith of perfection satisfying our buyers worldwide with our widest and all encompassing services.

Our company has current production capacity of 1,50,000 meters per month and we are constantly upgrading machinery and tools to improve the same as and when required.

Trend Analysis 

For the annual Abiya collection, the in house design team, collects, analyses and develops the color trends based on the color projections by leading design authorities such as Pantone. We then develop mood boards based on projected themes for the coming sales year.




Based on the mood boards and color themes developed, the design team looks for various inspirations to create products based on projected international design trends. Our designs are first developed using CAD techniques and then are selected based on viability according to target markets. A similar process is used to develop products for clients based on pre developed mood boards and color themes issued by the customer. Our product management system assures exclusivity of designs for customers and ensures that no product conflict takes place between customers in the same region



Designs are then sent to our productions center, to be developed into samples. We first match colors using a process of lab dips and ensure color compliance after testing on a light box. The sampling process is usually iterative, its takes at least two sampling iterations to match a sample exactly to its computer variant. After matching the sample exactly according to its CAD counterpart. The samples are either displayed at our showroom and for exclusive designs sent directly to client for selection purposes.


Before the production process begins, a Time and Action plan is created to ensure that product is manufactured on time. A product specification sheet is developed to ensure that mass production pieces are in accordance to original samples. The product yarn is purchased and the process of production such as dyeing, weaving, printing, stitching, cutting, finishing and final packaging take place. The goods are manufactured in Socially Compliant units.

Quality Control

At each major step of production, a quality control process takes place to ensure that any deficient pieces are removed from the production line. At the finishing step, each piece is checked twice to ensure quality and production as per standard. Depending on customer requirements the products are then sent for testing to reputed testing agencies such as SGS and Internet. All Abiya products are Azo and Reach compliant based on European Regulations.


The goods are the then moved from our production centers to the ports of Chennai, Mumbai or Tuticorin via road. Port selection depends on the client’s requirements. The goods are then handed to our customs clearance agents and then finally handed over to the client’s forwarders. Abiya A Fabric undertakes FOB or CIF shipments.